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Let there be no more music,
No sweet sounds to pierce my soul's mask.
Let me rule this world of silence,
That I may not hear your voice,
And your songs be held apart.

Leave me to spin here in this sea,
Between the love and the loss -
For my heart is fragile, and your eyes
convey the means of my destruction.

I see the hands, the body,
The carefully controlled machine,
And I fear you even as my soul
would make its way across.

Dark waters drown my eyes in prophecy,
A shapeless yearning below sound, beyond sight;
I toss on waves of terror and desire
and you, safe held at anchor,
Still catch me in your nets.

Poison, your kiss.
Sharpest pain, your touch.
Your arms a prison -
And I struggle -

Night's ocean reflected in your eyes,
Your songs around my heart -
And I walk upon knives to lie with you
under the landward stars.


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Nov. 28th, 2005 09:56 am (UTC)
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